Chamber Music


Once upon a time for oboe (a = 440 Hz) and baroque oboe (a = 415Hz)(1997/rev. 2019)(8‘)

Singen – sprechen – schweigen for violin and cello (2018)(5’)


Am Rhein, dramatic scenes for Mezzo-soprano, Oboe, Cello and Piano on a text by Jolanda Fäh (2017)(35’)


Party Music III for lupophone, accordion and sampler (2017)(7’)


Gestalten, 5 portraits for lupophone and piano (2015)(18’)


Medusa for lupophone and several instruments (4’)

1st version 2015: lupophone, violin, piano, cello, harp

2nd version 2016: lupophone, flute, saxophone, accordion, piano, cello, double bass


Scene for lupophone and double bass clarinet (2014)(10’)


Party Music I for SABRe and quartet.
tone-accordion (2014)(7’)

Party Music II for bass clarinet, accordion and sampler (2014)(7’)


Wotan, 3 scenes for lupophon and chamber ensemble (2013)(18’)


Duo 2004 for melodica and banjo (2004)(7‘)


Sieben mal sieben" for alto flute, oboe, bass clarinet, violin, double bass, harp, and accordion (2001)(18‘)


5 pieces for wind quintet (2001)(14‘)


another beautiful day for piano, cello and 2 (3) more musicians (1999/2000)(11‘)


Undo for ensemble (free instrumentation, 3 - 15 musicians)(1997)

5 Ice pieces for eight recorder players (1994)(9‘)

Détours for wind quintet (1996/98)(17‘)