Romance (pre-art music, pam 004)

Matthias Arter, oboe d’amore and cor anglais
Anna-Victoria Baltrusch, organ


Sinfonia Concertante (Sony Music)

Basel Chamber Orchestra – Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli
Isabelle Schnöller, flute
Matthias Arter, oboe
Matthias Bühlmann, bassoon
Olivier Darbellay, horn


Variations (pre-art music, pam 003)

Wind Quintet of the Basel Chamber Orchestra


Metamorphoses (pre-art music, pam 001)

Oboe concertos by William Blank and Emre Sihan Kaleli, Solo Pieces by Benjamin Britten, Heinz Holliger, and Paul Huber


Divertimento (Sony Music)

Basel Chamber Orchestra


Matthias Arter: Solo pieces 1993 – 2007 (NEOS 10940)

Performed by Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Vladimir Blagojevic, Olivier Darbellay, Céline Herrero, Sylvia Nopper, Boris Previsic, and Kristine Sutidze


Concertante (Arte Nova)

Basel Chamber Orchestra – Christopher Hogwood

Matthias Arter, oboe; Matthias Bühlmann, bassoon; Julia Schröder, violin; Christoph Dangel, cello


(recorded in multitrack)

compositions and improvisations by Matthias Arter


Complete Oboe Music by Charles Koechlin

Sonate op. 58


Complete Oboe Music by Charles Koechlin

Sonatine No. 2



Matthias Arter: baroque oboe, oboe da caccia, oboe d’amore
Markus Hochuli: guitar, tiorba


Oboe plus (Col Legno)


Oboe solo (pan classics)